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iBioSafe Benefits to your company and workers

  • nice Reducing downtime of the company
  • nice Less sick absences from work
  • nice Reducing cost of medicine and doctor bills (employee)
  • nice Reducing traveltime
  • nice Protecting infants & small children´s life and health while reducing driving time and cost to daycare or school.
  • nice Easy to use
  • nice Statistic to company.
  • nice Elevates work safety -> employees can send message with picture of hazard places.
  • nice SMS-warning option for immediate danger, optional *ask more info
  • nice Racism or bullying notification, optional *ask more info

  • iBiosafe is SAAS *ask pricing for private cloud or onsite server
  • Server hosting by AWS, Amazon cloud servers around the globe to ensure minimum downtime and high availability

  • iBioSafe app Pricing

9.99€ Monthly Billed

Monthly Billed

  • Number Of Users

  • Total Price

95.88€ 12 Month Packet

12 Month Packet

  • Number Of Users

  • Total Price

143.76€ 24 Month Packet

24 Month Packet

  • Number Of Users

  • Total Price

165.24€ 36 Month Packet

36 Month Packet

  • Number Of Users

  • Total Price

0.99€ 12 Months Testing

12 Months Testing

  • Number Of Users

  • Total Price

0.01€ Pilot001


  • Number Of Users

  • Total Price

Welcome to RevoMedi Oy Services

We are famous of making innovative projects to our customers, digitalizing our customer business"

With us, you can get product development allmost risk free by using different investment instruments here in Finland.

We use normal consulting terms

Ota yhteyttä


We offer to you and your company a comprehensive service consept.

With the investor pool, we are able to help your company grow almost risk free.

First we have a talk about your needs and how we can help you and your company, then we provide solution.

Looking investors, we have investor pool who might be interested of your concept?

Are you having problems in software or you need to change software to more suitable?

Need help in applying for different projects paid by: EU, BusinessFinland, Ely?

Personnel problems?

Other challenges?

Web Development

Homepages and portals


Mobile software apps, AR, VR.

Designing software and other designing, innovating and development

Designing prototypes, 3D-Modelling and printing.


Market analysi, survey of potential partners, SWOT, SPIN, product research, customer survey, competitor analysis and more.

Ideas to reality

Lets have a chat and make your visions and dreams come true.

Company´s everyday problem solving

Performance planning, company financing, ELY, BusinessFinland, EU-Horizon 2020. We can help your company in IT-problems and more


Contact us so we´ll discuss your vision or develop together for new ones!.


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Our team

Is simply awesome, we are group of professional consultants, R&D- People & developers networking with other professional´s around the globe

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